Halfway there

Not true, Manhattan Mini Storage ad, not true.
Not true, Manhattan Mini Storage ad, not true.

It’s the midway point in my New York year-long vacation that might end up being more than a year. Part of the reason for this move was to live life on my own. To find myself without feeling obligated to take care of or cater to anyone else. I think I’m doing pretty well. And I’m not being as selfish as that sentence makes it sound. I decided it’s time for a report card. Let’s compare to my May 2 check-in.

3: Number of classes I’ve finished at New York University. UPDATE: 3.5
2: Number of Broadway plays I’ve seen. UPDATE: 4 + 1 off-Broadway
7: Number of first dates I’ve been on UPDATE: 9
3: Number of meetup.com events I’ve attended. UPDATE: Stopped caring
0: Number of times I ate breakfast at home last week. UPDATE: 2
3: Current number of trips I’m planning. UPDATE: 2
5: Number of times I’ve left the island of Manhattan. UPDATE: 12
3: Number of museums I’ve visited. UPDATE: 8
13: Number of times I’ve gone running. UPDATE: Still 13. I’ve found other athletic interests
48: Number of blog entries I’ve written. UPDATE: 108 (!)
2,014: Number of dollars I’ve spent on food. UPDATE: 4,217
4,750: Number of dollars I’ve spent on rent. UPDATE: 6,450
0: Number of times I’ve missed my car. UPDATE: Maybe 2
3: Number of out-of-town visitors I’ve seen. UPDATE: 14
1,260: Conservative number of flights of stairs I’ve walked. UPDATE: 2,184

4: Number of show tapings I’ve seen
2: Number of cheeseball tourist activities participated in


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I’m a journalist, content strategist, doting auntie, amateur bobsledder, fitness enthusiast, and wannabe health nut (who loves chocolate and pizza too much to fully commit). I don't want you to think my life is perfect. It's not.

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