Last weekend I did a 5K walk for charity. More than once I commented to my teammates about how comfy my shoes were. I was wearing my Newton running shoes. They’re made for running, not walking, but man, what a difference from the heels I usually wear around the city.

I spent the next two days with my sister and her family, taking turns pushing my niece and nephew’s strollers. I wore Converse sneaks. They weren’t as comfy as the Newtons, but still better than my 5-inch wedges or the booties with the heels that get stuck in subway grates.

The city is hard on shoes. Even my male roommates and I have had this conversation. The Actor was telling me that even though he rotates shoes, a pair maybe lasts a year before they’re destroyed. We need shoes that can stand up to all that the city throws at us and they have to look good.

Update at 10pm: sometimes coming home and taking my shoes off is the best part of my day. Ahhh!


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