The art of the girl date

When I left Seattle, I left behind a good dozen girlfriends. I adore each and every one of them. These ladies do it all with style and grace. They manage teams. They keep a positive attitude despite toddler drama, killer commutes and bad bosses. They have exquisite taste in food, culture, music and home décor.

They made it exceptionally difficult to leave Seattle. Would I find someone to trade pictures of coveted shoes with like I do with Mary? Would I find someone who can turn a thrift store lamp into a work of art I’d be proud to have on my desk like Betsy? Who would tell me about the hottest restaurants like Tara? Who would I meet for a walk around the lake besides Lora? Who would sit on the floor and drink wine with me like Riki? Who would dress as cute as Heather does for our coffee dates? Who could introduce me to the best yoga teachers like Kim? Who would laugh at goofy things from the past like Janice? Who could I talk to for three hours without once thinking about not eating dinner like Pam?

So it was important to me to make friends post-haste in New York. Quyn was an obvious first choice. You might not know this, but Quyn is the first person I told of my desire to move to Manhattan. She did the same thing a year before I did and encouraged me to come. (So if anyone in Seattle misses me, Quyn is the one to blame.) After Quyn, I was at a loss. I figured I would meet people at work and in class, maybe hit up a few meetup groups. Turns out, ladies like those I left in Seattle are not so easy to come by.

So I turned to Mary. She set me up on a blind girl date with Jen, her college & post-college roommate who moved to New York a year ago. Now a girl date is similar to a romantic date except your wear your cutest outfit, split the check and get to talk about past relationships. The end of the date doesn’t have to be so awkward either. She can be one of many friends, not the one and only. Jen and I even talked about future dates before the end of our first date. I think it went pretty well. Though I joked I was going to wait three days before calling her.

Today was my second girl date. I met Rachael at a event. We swapped email addresses because I was interested in freelance writing for her magazine. A few email exchanges led to a bakery date. I wore a cute outfit, we bought our own cookies and talked about relationships. While Rachael and I were chatting, I couldn’t help but think about Jen. No, I wasn’t comparing Jen and Rachael the way I do with romantic dates. I was thinking they’d probably like one another. Another fun thing about girlfriends, we can all be friends together. We wouldn’t share our boyfriends with the group.

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I’m a journalist, nutritionist, doting auntie, one-time bobsledder, and wannabe health nut (who loves chocolate and pizza too much to fully commit). I don't want you to think my life is perfect. It's not.

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