It’s almost moving day. Yes, again. It was a pre-arranged thing that Brian would take the big room on April 1, and I would move into the little room. I really like my big room. The bed has space on either side, not crammed in a corner. I have a big dresser (that’s staying in the big room) and a roomy closet. There’s room enough for a small desk and a book shelf (both staying).

Brian's luggage.
Brian's luggage.

The perks of the small room include: It’s $500 per month cheaper. It’s on the inside of the building, so I won’t get the street noise. And it’s far easier to move across the apartment than to a different building.

So I’m not excited about squishing into a little room. But Brian is stoked about the big room – as evidenced by the pile of luggage he parked outside my door. I, on the other hand, have this much packed.

One full bin, one empty bin
One full bin, one empty bin

Maybe I’ll start tomorrow. Really, I don’t even have that much stuff. I packed light when I moved here. In fact, I have more stuff in Chad & Lora’s basement than I have in my room in Manhattan. Thanks again, guys!

Tonight I have the whole place to myself while my roommates are at a play. I’m not wasting this evening packing!


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