A day in the life …

This is something bloggers do when they don’t know what else to write. Of course as soon as I decided to do it, I came up with half a dozen other ideas. But I like to see things through. This is from Thursday.

6 a.m.: Alarm goes off. So sleepy. I remember I washed my hair last night before my date (shout out to Amit! We agreed to exchange blog information), so I can sleep a little longer.
6:15: OK gotta get up. Take a quick shower, then stand in front of my closet wondering what to wear. It’s supposed to be beautiful today, and I have a girl blind date tonight. I pick skinny jeans with ballet flats and a loose, flowy top. Then I move on to doing my hair and makeup and making lunch.
7:05: Crap! No time for breakfast. It’s bagel cart day. Brush teeth, hurry down the stairs.
7:22: My bagel guy is back! He grabs my cinnamon-raisin with cream cheese. “Banana today, Beautiful?” he asks. “Yes please,” I respond. He puts one in my bag. I hand him $2. “See you tomorrow, Beautiful!” he says as I rush across Sixth Avenue to the office.
7:25: Scan my building access card and notice the Wenner Media sign. Wonder if my friend is interviewing there today. Get off the elevator on 4, put my stuff on my desk and head to the kitchen for coffee. I stop along the way to snap a couple pictures of the new office furniture.

Fun new office cubicles
Fun new office cubicles

7:30: At my desk, start updating MSN Today. Wonder if my co-worker will be in. She’s been on jury duty. A few minutes later, she arrives. Yay! We get started working diligently on our respective tasks.
11:21: Amit texts to tell me he “did not know March is divorce month,” a reference to a headline I just published. This makes me smile. We exchange a few texts while I update Candace’s Editor’s Picks.
12:00: Time for the handoff conference call with the West Coast team.  I’m mostly just listening except when I unmute my phone to pitch a poll idea.

12:17: Text Quyn to tell her I had a good date. We have a policy of debriefing after dates. She texts back, asking when I can meet up. We agree to coffee after work Friday.

12:30: I send off my handoff email (we take handoffs very seriously) before taking a bathroom break. On my way back, I grab my lunch from the fridge and eat quickly at my desk because ..
1:00: Big team conference call. I halfway listen to the call while entering next week’s Spotlight headlines. Thankfully that meeting ended early. Back to fully concentrating on week-ahead headlines. Except at …

1:10: I notice an email from a guy I went out with last week and wasn’t that interested in. He’s asking if I’m interested. I don’t know how to respond, so I close it and return to work. I’ll formulate a response when I have time to think of the right words.

Ice-skating on a 70-degree day
Ice-skating on a 70-degree day

3:30: Quitting time. I take the rare opportunity to leave on time. It’s a gorgeous 70 degrees outside and I have two luxurious hours before I meet Jenn, a friend of my Seattle co-worker & friend Mary, so I start walking uptown on Fifth Ave. I intended to pop into a shop for some new pants or a skirt (my New York wardrobe still feels like it needs help), but instead I find myself walking to Central Park. I wander through a bit and catch a sign for the ice rink. I wonder if it’s still open, so I head that way. Sure enough, people skating. I feel a twinge of jealousy, but not enough to rent skates for an hour. I head back down Fifth because I want to go to Barnes and Noble.
4:30: I picked out books for my niece and nephew and one for me. I wonder if I should have bought myself a picture book, too. At the rate I’ve been reading books lately, this one will never get finished.

4:49: Check my phone and see that my Copyright professor sent the week’s reading. Scan my brain for a opening in my schedule to actually have time to read the documents. Also fret about when I’m going to run since I have a 5K in two weeks. Mentally sigh because I really want to try a yoga studio, but haven’t been able to fit that in either. Not complaining. I’m doing fun things.
4:50: I double check where I’m meeting Jenn. Oh! Chelsea. Why was I thinking Midtown? I check directions on my iPhone. I’d just barely make it if I walk, so I opt for the subway. I walk to Times Square to catch the 1 downtown. The subway was a good call. I got to the restaurant right at …
5:30: Jenn had just arrived, too. We sit down and get down to chatting right away. The waiter has to come back about four times before we’ve stopped long enough to look over the menu. We have dinner, wine and dessert.
7:10: We head for the A-C-E uptown. I grab the E to the Times Square stop while Jenn waits for another train.
7:40: I arrive home to see Brian at the table, talking to his computer. I assume he’s Skyping, so I say hi and duck past him to my room. Turns out he was practicing lines for his latest project. I download two court cases for class this week and get reading.
9:00: Cases done, notes taken, feeling good about Copyright class. IP Law class is another story, but I mentally devise a plan to catch up on that reading on the train Saturday morning. If I don’t finish, I could carve some time out of Sunday.

9:05: Brush my teeth, wash my face climb into bed with my laptop where I stream  an episode of “Smash.” I feel like a New Yorker whenever I recognize a shot. They seem to do a lot of filming in my neighborhood.
10:00: OK really sleepy now. Close computer and go to bed.

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I’m a journalist, nutritionist, doting auntie, one-time bobsledder, and wannabe health nut (who loves chocolate and pizza too much to fully commit). I don't want you to think my life is perfect. It's not.

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