Obligatory Kardashian commentary

I’m going to do it. I’m going to blog about Kim Kardashian. I know we’re all sick of her. I apologize in advance. But at least I didn’t spell commentary with a K in my headline.

First of all, I don’t believe the wedding was a publicity stunt or a money-making venture. I think she really did love this guy – or at least like him a whole bunch. As someone who loved being in a relationship myself, I know what it’s like to want that so badly that you forget to check yourself and make sure it’s still working. I think Kim is in a lot of pain right now.

She chose to live her life publicly. Having people dissect your choices is part of the deal when you choose to put yourself out there in public. But I think she’s incredibly lost right now. She’s probably anxious about the future. She’s probably embarrassed. She’s probably disappointed in herself. She’s probably avoiding the places and things they did together and she probably made a sad playlist on her iPhone. I know I did.

A friend and I were talking about Kardashian’s ridiculous registry the other day. According to reports, she asked for a $7,850 vase, more affordable $950 vase, a $1,695 perfume bottle and $1,115 clock. (I remind you celebrity gossip is part of my job. You’ll are lucky I don’t blog about it more often!). If a wedding doesn’t last, what should be done with the gifts?

If you’re a normal person, you register for utensils, place settings, towels and kitchen appliances. If you’ve been married 72 days, like Kardashian, you’ve probably eaten off those utensils, washed those towels and burnt some toast in that toaster. Should you shake the crumbs out and return it to the giver? He or she can’t return it. What would be the point? If you’re dividing up a home, you might not have the cash to reimburse everyone. Maybe just offer to return the gift and hope no one takes you up on it?

If you were the guest, would you ask for it back? The “Today” show had an article on this today.

Etiquette expert Harriette Cole says: “’The old-school rule is to offer to give back the gifts if the marriage ends within a couple of months, she said. “If you can’t give it back or don’t have it to give back, then the honorable thing to do is to send a card or letter to guests, expressing your deep regret and asking for their love and support.’ For her part, Kardashian announced that she will be donating to charity the gifts from her $172,000 registry.”

So there we have it.

<<end Kardashian posting>>

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