I forgot how inarticulate and stupid I sound at therapy.

I went back to my therapist last night to check in about some big decisions I’m working on. She asked me some challenging questions and I stammered. “Uh, hmm I’m not sure, uhhhhhhh.”

You’d never guess out of her office I’m a bit of a word person.

Me: “It’s my own uhh, what’s the word? Something I feel self-conscious about? Uhhh.”
Her: “Insecurity?”
Me: “That’s it! Insecurity.”

It must be so hard to be a therapist!


2 thoughts on “How do you say … ?

    1. Oh, I wasn’t being hard on myself for that. I thought it was funny. I spend 8 hours a day answering “what’s the word for ….” questions. It’s funny to be on the other side.

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