I love my lists! Time for another. I haven’t seen “The Bucket List,” but I think we all know the idea. Here’s where I’m going with mine. Please share your own items in the comments section. I want to hear. Want to do one of these with me? I’m up for that, too!

1.I want to freelance something I’ve written.
2.I want to travel: Australia, New Orleans, Rome, Ireland, Montreal. Paris and New York are on my must-revisit list.
3.I want to take surfing lessons.
4.I want to own a beautiful chandelier (and have a home to put it in!)
5.I wan to have a spa day with my sister.
6.I want to walk, run, bike or crawl the entire Burke-Gilman Trail in Seattle.
7.I want to give good compliments and lots of ’em.
8.I want to eat with chopsticks like a pro.
9.I want babies.
10.I want to make light, flaky croissants.
11.I want to go up in a hot-air balloon.
12.I want to eat at all the Tom Douglas restaurants.


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