A few years back, an older couple I know was talking about going to Cold Stone Creamery. They said they go, but they don’t really care for the concept. They just get plain ice cream, no mix-ins. I wondered why they even bother going there. They could go to Dairy Queen or Baskin Robbins or pick up a pint at Safeway. Why go to Cold Stone, where the whole point is to combine ice cream with candy, fruit or cake, if it’s not their thing?

My recent look at happiness has made me wonder about the things we think we should be doing – or should like.

TV is another thing I question. I don’t mean to put down your favorite show just because I don’t get it, but how are “Two and a Half Men” and “American Idol” so popular? Do people actually like these shows, or do they watch them because everyone else does? Same with popular music. This one I’m guilty of. Admittedly, I don’t seek out quality music. I passively listen to what’s spoon-fed to me.

In my quest to be a more complete, satisfied person, I’m going to be more conscious of focusing on the things I’m truly passionate about, not what’s popular. So forgive me if I can’t discuss “Twilight” or “CSI” or March Madness with you. Not my thing.


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