Good news, keeping our hands busy can fill our brains with feel-good chemicals, according to a study. Score one for the likes-to-keep-busy team.

I’m the type that has trouble sitting still. When talking to people, I fidget, which I find to be an annoying habit I wish I could break. I don’t just sit and watch TV. I have my laptop open, a magazine in my lap or my knitting needles moving. I’m doing it right now! I’ve been looking forward to Thursday night TV (my fave!) all day. I managed my time well. Laundry is done, my body is worked out, dinner is made, eaten and cleaned up and my chapter for class is read. TV started. I sat still for a minute before I opened my laptop and started typing.

At this rate and with this motivation, maybe I’ll finish knitting my blanket before the end of the year!


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