One step at a time

I am a Master of Science in Applied Nutrition candidate at the University of New England and an award-winning journalist in Seattle.

When you work with me, you get a health educator who meets individuals where they are on their wellness journey. I encourage healthy progress not perfection.

Making healthy lifestyle choices doesn’t always come easy to me either. A native of Minnesota, my childhood diet was state-fair inspired (fried, potato-based and/or covered in cheese). I still enjoy those foods, but now I follow a plant-forward, Mediterranean-inspired diet. I make room for my favorite indulgences: chocolate and pizza. I know behavior change takes time — from research and personal experience.

I also know that striving for 100 burns me out. I told NBC Nightly News all about how my fitness tracker gave me anxiety. Now I want to share science-backed information to get started or take the next step toward a healthier life.

For me, that means regular vegetable consumption, date nights, and not pushing myself to become a long-distance runner. I work with my strengths and weaknesses–and yours, too.

To your health!